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Glam Lash Studio Salon
Eminence Express Facial $55

Eminence Spa Facial $70

Microderm Enzymatic Exfoliant Facial $130

Skin Irregularity Treatments (Skin Tag Removal)

Glam Lash Studio Salon

Glam Lash Studio Salon


Lamprobe is a non-invasive skin care procedure that provides rapid treatment with instantaneous results. There is minimum discomfort and requires no anesthesia. Every treatment is customized and is geared towards your particular area of concern. This system will quickly and effectively remove unsightly facial growths caused by sun damage, aging, genetics, and hormones. It produces comparable results as traditional laser treatments, without bruising, scarring, skin discoloration or higher treatment cost. skin-treatments Lamprobe is effective for treating:
Skin Tag Lesions • Cholesterol Deposits • Broken Capillaries • Cherry Angiomas • Spider Nevus • Clogged Pores • Hyper-pigmentation • Fibromas • Acne Pimples • Sunspots • Treatment of Spider Veins

Is this procedure safe?
Yes, this procedure is very safe and has been used safely for years. This treatment is self limiting and skin lesion specific, resulting in minimal skin reaction and because low treatment energy is used, the dermis is not affected and scarring or other major reactions do not occur.

Does it hurt?
Some experience a “pinprick’ sensation that can be mildly uncomfortable. However, when a topical aesthetic cream is applied to the area most of the discomfort is taken away.

What about “post” treatment care?
Pay close attention not to disturb the treated lesions or vessels for twenty-four hours. Undue stress could cause renewed blood flow and the vessel will not dry up and absorb. With proper care the treated lesion will look darker the next day. This is normal and a good sign that the lesion was properly treated. Topical healing cream and sunscreen is also recommended.

How much does this procedure cost?
Because each treatment it tailored to your individual condition, a complimentary consultation is needed to determine costs.

Add On Services

Glam Lash Studio Salon
Eminence Bright Eyes Treatment $20

Eminence Moisture Rich Lip Treatment $15

Eminence Decolette Treatment $10


Glam Lash Studio Salon
Lash Lift $80

Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint $90

Lash Tint $20

Brow Tint $20

Lip Wax $7

Full Face Wax $40
Glam Lash Studio Salon